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Due to a change in ownership of PopCap Games, the license for these products has been withdrawn. We can therefore no longer feature these games on Youplay.com. The good news is that our YouPlay developers are very busy creating new games to add to our current in-house crosswords and puzzles, so watch this space for some exciting challenges ahead!

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Word of the day gazillions

by Christine Lovatt

"Daily Mail offers gazillions for property website..."

Gazillions means 'a very large number' but then so does jillions, squillions and zillions. Make your own word up as long as it ends in 'illions'. On the other hand, millions, billions and trillions are definite amounts and pillion is the only word ending with 'illion' that has nothing to do with numbers, because it's the seat behind a motorcyclist and there's usually only one.

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Word Fact

by The Quizzard

The AMAZON River was named by the Spanish after encountering female warriors there. The word itself might come from the Greek 'a-mazos' (without a breast) referring to their habit of cutting off a breast to fire arrows more accurately