Trivia Teaser

Which Ronnie has won the Mr Olympia bodybuilding title eight times?

Ronnie Wood
Ronnie Coleman
Ronnie Drew
Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ahoy me hearties!


By Jessie

Hitori Island are fast looming on the horizon. We must conquer this logic puzzle by blasting the duplicate numbers - lest we end up food for the fishies in Davy Jones's locker!

Success! The booty is almost ours, but for the final test. Prepare yourselves, yer brave lads and lasses, to dive deep into Treasure Dive Trivia. Answer fifteen tricky quiz questions and the chest of knowledge will be ours! Yarrr, I can surely see those golden doubloons and precious gems glinting beneath the mainsail.

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Ahoy me hearties!

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