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SCT XVII: The way of the Ninja


By Jessie

Sudoku Combat Tournament XVII is NOW ON! 

Picture the scene. Hordes of black catsuit-clad YouPlayers running up the walls of the SCT Arena of Champions while oh-so-casually flicking mean looking weapons, the icy steel flickering menacingly in the faint light. [sigh] Must be time for another multiplayer Sudoku battle then!

[neatly executes impossible backflip onto the top of a tree]  

You don't have to be a professional Sudoku assasin to play; with four skill categories (from Easy to Evil) there's a game for every player. Exit your comfort zone for an action-packed event!  

SCT XVII runs for 24 hours, until midday Friday 3rd (AEST). Need more incentive? Top 3 place winners in each category receive fantastic token prizes, not to mention eternal fame and glory! Enter the Arena now - the next SCT hero could be you... 

[karate chop]

Confucius says: the superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions. 

Enter Sudoku Combat Tournament XVII

Jessie x

P.S. Did you manage to find all ten Burt Bacharach song titles in yesterday's Welcome note? Visit my latest blog for the complete list . 

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SCT XVII: The way of the Ninja

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