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Points and Tokens Explained


By Jessie

The following frequently asked questions will explain what points and tokens are and how they work.


I have been awarded points. What are they?

You are awarded points when you play the majority of games on YouPlay. Your status on the Top Point Scorers leader board is calculated by the amount of points you have won for each game. Points cannot be traded or spent. You can view your combined points total in the orange profile box, found in the top left hand corner of the screen.

How do I win points?

The amount of points awarded is determined by skill-level (how quickly and accurately you complete a puzzle or game). When you begin a game, you automatically activate the YouPlay BOOST function which monitors your progress and accelerates (or reduces) the amount of points that you win. You can view the YouPlay BOOST meter in the game play panel.
YouPlay BOOST rewards you for playing well – you can multiply your points by up to 9 times. The number displayed above the meter (and below the points tally) shows the current position of the multiplier.

Will I ever lose my points?

No. Your points total will always increase.



What are tokens?

The majority of games on YouPlay will award you tokens for playing quickly and accurately. Tokens can be traded for additional game play and other features. You can view your token tally in the orange profile box, found in the top left hand corner of the screen.

I have lots of tokens. What can I do with them?

YouPlay Members can trade tokens for:

  • Basic archive games (previous four days)
  • Additional puzzle save slots

YouPlay Premium Members can trade tokens for:

  • Access to all archive games
  • Premium avatar items
  • Additional puzzle save slots 


Which games award points and tokens?

General Knowledge

Number Puzzles
X-factor Sudoku

Word Puzzles

Code Cracker
Alphabet Mix
Wild Words


Quiz Time

Note: PopCap (Action Games), TV, Memory or Multiplayer games do not award points or tokens.


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Points and Tokens Explained

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