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SCT XI: Highlights


By Jessie

The ornate doors of the Arena of Champions have closed shut after another amazing Sudoku Combat Tournament. Congratulations to all top 3 place winners who receive generous token prizes for their skill and heroism.

Special mention to YouPlay community regular Striker, whose first time on the SCT leader boards saw her scream straight to 1st place in Easy: a fabulous debut! Welcome also to waaaaaaaaa, a SC superstar from Chile who impressively claimed 3rd in Hard. The gloves were off in Medium with a tied result for 2nd place between traceyls and tomkat: now that's the kind of action we like to see!   

The complete SCT XI results appear below, with total wins in brackets and player's country of origin.

Date for your diary: Sudoku Combat Tournament XII begins Thursday 17th April.


Complete List of Winners


1. Striker (82 wins) AUS
2. kett (66) USA
3. ylc (60) AUS


1. kett (29) USA
2. tomkat (18) USA
3. traceyls (18) AUS


1. G.I.Ho (44) USA
2. Andaya (37) AUS
3. waaaaaaaaa (22) Chile


1. G.I.Ho (34) USA
2. Anonymous (30) Unknown
3. KingMarvin (24) AUS


Token Prizes

First place: 250
Second place: 100
Third place: 50

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SCT XI: Highlights

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