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YP Party Photos


By Jessie

Edible avatars and tasty Chuzzles  - YouPlay's 1st Birthday party was a blast!

On behalf of the YP Community, the YP Team got together last Friday to toast our 1st birthday. While I dearly wish you all could have been there, I hope the following photos will go some way towards sharing the fun! 

Our creative colleague Angela from the Lovatts Marketing Department whipped up a bunch of tasty Chuzzles that were almost too cute to eat!


Chuzzle Cakes


The sweet treats continued with a chocolate mud birthday cake topped with YouPlay avatars:


Avatar Birthday Cake


Say "Cheese"!
Ever wanted to put a face to a YouPlay Team member?

YP Team


L-R: Colleen (prty), Andy, Jessie, Dr. Play, McTroy, Avatar Chris, the Quizzard (James Lovatt) & Christine Lovatt

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YP Party Photos

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