Move your game piece across the game board, beginning on Start and ending on Goal.


Choose one of the ten characters as your game piece. Using your mouse, click any of the game tiles that are adjacent to the tile which your game piece is on. Once a tile has been clicked you will be presented with a multiple choice question. If answered correctly your game piece will advance to said tile, which then becomes inactive and unavailable for any additional moves.

If answered incorrectly you lose one life and your game piece does not move.

There is no set route or direction; it is up to you to choose which tile to select. Be careful not to surround yourself with inactive tiles or you will lose the game.

Each tile correlates with a different question topic which can be found in the key located under the board. Varying points are awarded for every correct answer and bonus points are awarded for speed. It is possible to achieve a high score one of two ways - answering many questions correctly or by reaching the goal in a short span of time. Each stage allows five lives, the game finishes once the goal is reached or no lives remain. If there is one question topic on the shortest path to the goal that you would like to avoid, then it is up to you to choose to either attempt that question or navigate around that tile.


There are five levels of difficulty: 1 is easiest, 5 is difficult.

There are six question topics:

  • Geography
  • Science + Nature
  • Food + Drink
  • History
  • Entertainment
  • Dictionary


The game consists of three stages, each increases the number of tiles and question difficulty.

  • Stage 1: 19 tiles, question difficulties 1, 2
  • Stage 2: 37 tiles, question difficulties 2, 3 and 3.5
  • Stage 3: 61 tiles, question difficulties 3.5, 4 and 5
  • When you reach the last tile of each level, you will be asked a question from a randomly chosen topic.
  • Game over occurs when either the player has no lives remaining or when the third level is successfully completed.


    Points are based on answering questions correctly along with speed and consistency:

    • Correct answers are awarded points based on the difficulty level of the question multiplied by 100: 100 for difficulty of 1, 200 for difficulty of 2 and so on.
    • There are two kinds of bonus tile which multiply the score awarded by a factor of 2 or 3, see the in-game Key for details.
    • Tokens are are awarded at a rate of one per correct answer. This means there is potential for over 100 tokens per game!
    • 500 bonus points are immediately awarded for correctly answering 5 questions in a row.
    • The question timer allocates 20 seconds for each question to be answered. When the question timer reaches 0, the number of lives is decremented and points awarded for that question is zero.
    • A time bonus of up to 500 points is awarded for each question answered correctly. This bonus decreases by 50 each second to 450, 400, 350 etc. to a minimum of 0.
    • Time bonuses are accumulated during play and awarded at the completion of a level and at game over.
    • A life bonus of 100 points will be awarded for each life remaining at the completion of each level and at game over.
    • The game timer starts when a question is presented and stops once an answer has been received.

    Enjoy playing Trivia Buzz!