Lovatts Mag Match is a fun memory game that involves matching pairs of Lovatts magazine covers, two at a time. The covers are laid out at random and placed face down on the screen. Turn one card over at a time, look carefully at the image, and then choose another card to turn over. If the two images match, they will be removed from the screen. If not, they will both return to a face-down position.

Repeat this process until you reveal an image that mirrors one you turned over earlier. Now find the ‘matching half’ of that image by remembering its position from previous selections. Try to match (and remove from view) each pair in as few tries as possible. Can you get a perfect score?

The number of covers decreases until all pairs are matched. Keep track of the timer to see how you improve (get faster) each time you play.

Game Options

PAUSE: Click to halt the timer if you wish to pause during game play

SAVE: Click to save your Lovatts Mag Match game

EXIT: Click to return to the Game Selection page

Game Features

POINTS: Displays how many points you have won during the game

TOKEN COUNTER: Displays how many tokens you have won during the game

TIMER: The timer starts as soon as you open the Lovatts Mag Match game.