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Trivia Teaser

Which word is closest in meaning to 'wield'?


The Quizzard Of Oz®

Unlimited play!

Every time is different, so play as often as you like.


How to Play The Quizzard Of Oz®

Answer ten multiple-choice Australian trivia questions.

Click on the answer (A, B, C or D) you think is correct to proceed to the next trivia question. Each question must be answered correctly before you can continue.

Check your progress with the score card on the right. Earn more points by answering a question correctly on the first go. Each wrong attempt will reduce the total amount of points able to be won.

How true blue are you? Find out with The Quizzard of Oz! - the best Australian trivia on the Web.

Game Options

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Game Features

POINTS COUNTER: Displays how many points you have won during The Quizzard of Oz

TOKENS COUNTER: Displays how many tokens you have won during The Quizzard of Oz

TIMER: The timer starts as soon as you open The Quizzard of Oz

About The Quizzard Of Oz®

As a YouPlay Member, you have access to a boundless world of entertainment and knowledge. Trivia challenges, enlightens and best of all, is lots of fun!

Test your knowledge on all things true blue with this ultimate Aussie trivia quiz. Don't come a gutser - how well can you tell a snag from a sanger, a bluey from a blowie? Strewth!