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German emperor
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Petrol pump
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Treasure Dive Trivia

Unlimited play!

Over 70,000 Lovatts trivia questions, remixed fresh every time.


How to Play Treasure Dive Trivia

The ultimate diving game - Treasure Dive Trivia

Answer fifteen multiple-choice trivia questions.

Click on the answer (A, B, C or D) you think is correct to proceed to the next question. Each question must be answered correctly before you can continue.

Air supply is determined by accuracy. If you answer a question correctly on the first attempt, your oxygen will replenish and the next question will appear. If you answer correctly on the second attempt you will receive less air, and even less for answering correctly on the third attempt.

The questions will progressively become more difficult. Check the status of a question on the ‘Difficulty Level’ bar to the right. This bar also displays the number of questions left to answer before you reach the bottom.

The game will end if you run out of air!

Game Options

EXIT: Click to return to the Game Selection page

MUTE: Click to turn off the sounds

Game Features

POINTS COUNTER: Displays how many points you have won during the game

TOKENS COUNTER: Displays how many tokens you have won during the game

About Treasure Dive Trivia

As a YouPlay Member, you have access to a boundless world of entertainment and knowledge. Trivia challenges, enlightens and best of all, is lots of fun!

Explore the depths of your knowledge in Treasure Dive Trivia, a quiz-based underwater adventure new to YouPlay.

The Legend of the Treasure of Knowledge

“For in the earliest times there was an island in the middle of the ocean. There were scholars there, who isolated themselves in the pursuit of philosophy”.
-Hebrew treatise, circa. AD 1378

According to legend, the fabled Treasure of Knowledge hails from Atlantis, the lost island of scholarship and enlightenment. The tale relates how Atlas, first son of the god Poseidon and divine King of Atlantis gathered the knowledge acquired by his band of ancient philosophers: powerful sages who had studied every aspect of the earth from the beginning of time. Together, they engraved the wisdom of the world upon ten priceless, golden scrolls which were locked inside an iron chest. As the centuries passed, Atlantis prospered and its citizens were revered as the custodians of humanity.

Hundreds of years were spent in peace, but dark days loomed ahead. Gradually, the immortals began to abandon the old laws, justice and morals, and retreated into the evil ignorance of men. Before long Zeus, the supreme ruler of the pantheon of gods was alerted to this corruption and called the gods to an assembly on Mount Olympus to pass judgement on Atlantis.

Meanwhile, the greedy citizens of Atlantis had set off to declare war upon Athens. The battle raged until finally, after a particularly vicious campaign, virtue prevailed and the Atlantians were defeated. Those warriors who survived went home as chastened men, but it was too late! They returned to their beloved Atlantis only to witness it sink beneath the waves in one dreadful day and night of supernatural horror. Zeus had passed judgement and conjured fierce earthquakes to send the island into the realm of oblivion.

Unbeknownst to Atlas, while he was away waging war on Athens his wife Pleione was sent a vision from the goddess Neith which described in detail the calamities to come. The shock from this apocalyptic nightmare struck Pleione dumb and blind, and for the rest of her life she could not recount how she had seen the scrolls of knowledge within the iron chest morph into gleaming pieces of gold.

Atlantis sank into the sea and became a forgotten city of legend. Although the tale of the Treasure of Knowledge has been passed down through the ages, it has never been located. Never, that is… until now.

Your mission is to dive deep below the waves to reach the deepest, darkest place on the ocean floor. Here you will find the Treasure of Knowledge, but beware! The legend recounts how the fated champion must prove themselves worthy of the wisdom by passing a test of intellect. To reach the chest of riches, you must first stake your life!

On your journey you will be asked fifteen questions. Every correct answer will bring you closer to the treasure but choosing the wrong solution will mean risking your crucial air supply.

Are you the one destined to receive the knowledge of Atlantis?

Play our captivating diving game now!