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Dick Turpin
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Treasure Hunt

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How to Play Treasure Hunt

YouPlay Treasure Hunt is a fun memory game that involves matching pairs of old pirate prints, two at a time. The prints are laid out at random and placed face down on the screen. Turn one card over at a time, look carefully at the image, and then choose another print to turn over. If the two images match, they will be removed from the screen. If not, they will both return to a face-down position.

Repeat this process until you reveal an image that mirrors one you turned over earlier. Now find the ‘matching half’ of that image by remembering its position from previous selections. Try to match (and remove from view) each pair in as few tries as possible. Can you get a perfect score?

The number of pirate prints decreases until all pairs are matched. Keep track of the timer to see how you improve (get faster) each time you play. In the top right of the screen you can also view how many ‘flips’ you take to finish a game. Compare your accuracy over time to see how well your memory has improved!

If you have a good memory, you can store, retain and recall information easily. Scientific studies have recently shown that the focused mental activity used to solve puzzles can help prevent memory loss and degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s – another reason to get your daily dose of Treasure Hunt puzzling fun!

YouPlay memory match games are suitable for all ages and perfect for those who have a limited time to play.

About Treasure Hunt

Click on two of the old prints, one after the other to reveal the images. If they match, the prints disappear. If they do not match, try to remember which image lies behind each print - you will be able to match them later in the game.

Game Options

PAUSE: Click to halt the timer if you wish to pause during game play

START NEW GAME: Click to return to the Game Selection page

Game Features

Pairs Matched
In the top left hand corner, you can see how many pirate pairs you have successfully matched.

In the top left hand corner, you can monitor your progress by the amount of flips it takes to complete the Treasure Hunt. Try to beat your best score every time you play.

The timer starts as soon as you open the Treasure Hunt.