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Trivia Teaser

Which word is closest in meaning to 'verdure'?


Wild Words™

Unlimited play!

Every time is different, so play as often as you like.


How to Play Wild Words™

Watch the letter blocks as they fall, and see if you can make a word from them. When you can identify a word, click once on each of its letters to spell it out, double-clicking on the final letter. The letter blocks do not have to be next to each other. If your word is accepted, the blocks will disappear and you earn points. More letters are added all the time. You have to use them before they reach the top of the game screen.


A Wild Block (coloured swirl) can be used instead of any letter.

A Double Block (blue letter) in your word will earn more points and increase your BOOST level.

Click on a Bomb to clear that row of blocks. Press the down arrow key to activate a randomly chosen bomb.

Click on a Trivia Block for a chance to answer a quiz question. If you answer it correctly, all the Trivia Blocks on the screen disappear. Press the up arrow key to activate a randomly chosen trivia block.

If you cannot find a word and the letter blocks are in danger of reaching the top of the screen, click on the ‘Hint Bomb’ button in the lower right corner. This will clear every block in play.

As you complete each level, the letters will fall at an increasingly faster speed. If a column of letter blocks reaches beyond the top of the screen, play ends and your session is complete.

Game Features

TOKEN COUNTER: Shows how many tokens you have won during the game

TIMER: The timer starts as soon as you open the Wild Words

YouPlay BOOST: Boost your score - multiply your points by working faster and smarter

HINTS: Click on the ‘Hint Bomb’ button in the lower right hand corner of the game play screen. This will clear every block in play.

  • YouPlay Premium Members receive 5 hints
  • YouPlay Members receive 3 hints

About Wild Words™

Fans of Scrabble and other word creation games will love Wild Words, a fast-paced challenge with a trivia quiz component. Construct words from the letter blocks as they fall, but be quick! The game will end if they stack up high enough to reach the top of the screen.

Wild Blocks, marked with a coloured swirl, will substitute for any letter. Bomb Blocks will clear a whole row, and Double Blocks (coloured blue) will earn you more points. The green Trivia Blocks will ask you a quiz question. If you answer correctly, the remaining Trivia Blocks on the screen will be removed from play.

Wild Words is a dictionary-based game, and lots of fun, but have you ever wondered about the history of the humble dictionary? In 1656, Thomas Blount’s Glossographia became the first compilation of words and their definitions. This was followed by Samuel Johnson’s more comprehensive edition in 1755, which included everyday words and illustrative quotations from every field of learning and literature, including the works of Shakespeare!

According to Wikipedia, a dictionary can be defined as a list of words with their definitions, a list of characters with their glyphs, or a list of words with corresponding words in other languages. Many dictionaries also provide pronunciation information; grammatical information; word derivations, histories, or etymologies; illustrations; usage guidance; and examples in phrases or sentences. Dictionaries are most commonly found in the form of a book, but more and more dictionaries are produced as software that runs from electronic PDA or a general purpose computer. Most dictionaries are produced by lexicographers. Dictionaries are usually in alphabetical order.

Wild Words combines learning with entertainment, and is a perfect YouPlay game for all ages and skill levels.


Read the Wikipedia article on the dictionary: