Trivia Teaser

Pick the country most closely associated with Fruity Christmas Trifle

South Africa

What is an avatar?
How do I create my personal avatar?
How do I access the Avatar Store to purchase additional items?
Where can I view my avatar wardrobe?
My chat messages don't seem to get through reliably...
What are chat rooms and how do they work?
Someone is being obscene/rude/etc in a chat room. What can I do?
Competitions and Prizes
I'm a Premium Member. Can I enter the prize pack draws multiple times?
How do I find out if I’ve won a prize?
I've won a prize pack! How long will it take to receive it through the post?
Game Play
I can't seem to enter letters in the crossword, my cursor works but no letters go into the squares!
I don't have time to finish my game? Can I save it for later?
How do I restore my saved games?
What are puzzle archives and how can I access them?
What happened to the Sudoku archive?
Why does the finish page load slower than other pages on the YouPlay site?
My puzzles won't display. What can I do?
The game appears to not respond properly or at all when i click or try to type.
My computer system uses a firewall system, can I still play the games?
General Technical Support
Why aren't the puzzles displaying?
What is ActiveX and do we use it?
Why aren't my puzzles updating every day?
I can't log in. What's the problem?
I've forgotten my password, what do I do?
How do I change my Password?
Leader Boards
What are the game leader boards and how do they work?
Where can I find my name and ranking?
How do I win Tokens?
I have lots of tokens, but what are they and what can I do with them?
Do I lose my tokens if I don’t use them by the end of the month?
Weekly Cash Competition
How will I know if I'm a winner?
Hey - I think my token tally is wrong! Who can I speak to about this?
How is the weekly winner chosen?
I'm a winner - when will I receive my prize?
What happens if I’m a winner but I’ve spent some of my tokens?
Can I calculate the tokens earned by other members?
I’m a Premium Member but I don’t live in Australia, New Zealand or the UK. Why can’t I enter the Weekly Cash Competitions?
Who can enter the Weekly Cash Competitions?
When do the Weekly Cash Competitions begin?
How much cash could I win?
I’m a free member but I would like to upgrade my account so I can enter the Weekly Cash Competitions. How much does this cost and where can I do this?
YouPlay Mail
How many emails can I store in my inbox?
What happens if I reach my message limit?
Can I send to multiple people at once?
Your Account
What is a YouPlay Premium Membership and how much does it cost?
I’d like to become a Premium Member, but I’m worried about the security of my credit card details. What does YouPlay do to protect my personal information?
Can I reactivate a cancelled Premium Membership?
How can I delete saved games from my account if I no longer want to finish them?
I'd like to cancel my Premium Membership?